Our Projects


Venn at Main

Successfully partnered in a joint venture to develop the $125-million, 350-unit multi-family mixed use property, Venn at Main.

  • Assisted with due diligence including soft cost research, environmental analysis, appraisal analysis, market analysis, financial feasibility, and preparation of presentations.
  • Optimized lease expirations in consideration of new development.
  • Reviewed and negotiated contract documents and agreements (ground lease, partnership, lease, sub-contractors, etc.)
  • Formulated value engineering recommendations for the development team based on detailed feasibility analysis in design and construction meetings.
  • Coordinated the work of project team members including design and construction professionals, attorneys, and consultants.  


City of Bellevue Downtown Livability Land Use Code

Over the last 4 years we have worked closely with the City of Bellevue, Bellevue Downtown Association and Stakeholders to update the Land Use Code for the the first time in 35 years. Our participation in this process has uniquely positioned us to assist in the next wave of development that will help shape the future livability and viability downtown.


Bellevue Downtown Park - Parking

We worked diligently with the City of Bellevue and Stakeholders in Downtown to identify a parking shortage in plans to "Complete the Circle" at Bellevue Downtown Park. We challenged the short-sided decision to not increase the parking supply of Downtown Park to accommodate future increased park use. Ultimately no additional parking will be provided to better a park that represents the heart of the city. However, through this process valuable experience was gained in analyzing parking study results and civic engagement.